Cuban Art and Culture Conference

in Provincetown Massachusetts

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rare and unique Cuba conference

 Mission Statement

Our mission for this conference is to educate people about Cuban culture and legal travel to Cuba with a host of world class experts on stage and in the audience.

We'll do this in a unique and entertaining location like Provincetown Massachusetts in four days in June.

Attendees will be treated to a rare event... several days of rare events to be honest and we will make every effort so that everyone will enjoy a memorable time in Provincetown at CubaCon 2010.

We know most people will commit to a long journey to Provincetown to attend this conference so we take our mission very seriously.

Conference Organizer

havana journal

Rob Sequin is Publisher of from Cape Cod Massachusetts and has been a Cuba aficionado for more than twelve years. His first Cuba seminar, Learn About Cuba, was a feast of information for all attendees. Everyone enjoyed presentations about Cuban art, US Cuba relations, humanitarian issues, the history of Havana, sailing around Cuba and much more.

Another thing that was very valuable was the quality of the people in the audience. Most attendees had been to Cuba numerous times and all had a deep passion for all things Cuba. Everyone shared their unique Cuba experiences, expertise and interests so the networking was incredible and we will replicate this at CubaCon 2010.

Our seminar was officially recognized by Congressman William Delahunt, a long time supporter of Americans' freedom to travel to Cuba and human rights advocate. His Freedom to Travel to Cuba bill has about 200 co-sponsors and might come to a floor vote in the Spring of 2010.

Why such a big Cuba conference?


The Learn About Cuba seminar in September 2008 featured world class Presenters and attendees with an extremely high level of Cuba knowledge and passion. Everyone had an educational and memorable experience so we wanted to expand on that success.


The quantity and quality of the Presenters in our network easily encouraged us to create a conference that spans four days.


Please send along any questions, comments or suggestions to Rob Sequin, conference organizer at:


or call 508 744 6790

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Havana Journal, Inc.

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