Cuban Art and Culture Conference

in Provincetown Massachusetts

Attend the Cuba Conference


  • Cuba Conference Directions
    Directions to the Cuba conference in Provincetown by car, ferry and airplane.
  • Cuba Conference Lodging
    Plenty of great lodging and accommodation choices in Provincetown for this Cuba conference.
  • Provincetown
    This page features information about Provincetown.
  • Cuba Conference Venues and Parking
    This page features information about the venues hosting the Cuba Conference events such as the opening night party, the sessions, meals, auction, dance party and Cuba movie day. Also parking and transportation information.

Why come to CubaCon?

Why does anyone attend a conference? (different order for different people)

  • Information 
    • Our conference spans four days and we have packed the agenda with information sessions that will educate all attendees no matter your interest level or expertise.
  • Entertainment 
    • Opening reception at a Cuban art gallery, Cuban art auction, vendors with Cuban art and merchandise for sale, Cuban movie day and a Cuban dance party!
  • Networking 
    • Our first day starts with an "open mic" session so you can "meet" everyone in the room early in the conference so you can network with people who share your interests or can answer your questions.
  • Self Promotion 
    • Self promotion is okay so long as it is Cuba related and respectful of the conference.

So much more!

Targeted Content

  • 100% Cuba content spread out over four days.
  • All sessions and events are all Cuba related.
  • Cuban art auction and vendor marketplace featuring Cuban art and merchandise.
  • Be sure to read the very long and exciting Agenda of sessions and events over four days.

Expert Presenters and Panelists

  • Learn from and network with world class presenters and panelists who are experts in their Cuba niche.


  • Enjoy numerous vendors featuring a wide range of Cuba related art, merchandise, information and more.

Exhibitors and Information Tables

  • Exhibitors will have Cuban art and other items on display for your education and enjoyment.
  • Presenters will have information tables featuring their Cuba related company and non-profit organization.
  • Authors will be signing books.

Knowledgeable Attendees

  • Attendees will be Cuba experts, aficionados, newbies with great interest, professionals, artists, authors... many who have been to Cuba several of times. 
  • Share your Cuba stories and learn from others who know their niche.


  • All venues are centrally located in Provincetown and just a short walk from each other.
  • Galeria Cubana - Located with other art galleries in the East End of Provincetown... all Cuban art!
  • Crown And Anchor - Right in the center of Provincetown and perfect for this large event. Actually, the Crown and Anchor is the largest conference and entertainment complex in Provincetown.
  • Free wifi for all attendees. 
  • Provincetown Art House Theatre - Again, centrally located for your convenience, two movie theaters.
  • Marketplace at MacMillan Pier for Cuban art, books, music and more for sale.
  • Caribbean Corner for lunch on Saturday

Cuba Movie Day

  • Enjoy several Cuba related movies and documentaries filmed in Cuba for your entertainment.

Conference Opening Reception

  • The Cuban art gallery Galeria Cubana will host the opening night reception party and we're planning for plenty of mojitos, daiquiris, Cuba Libres and more!

Cuban Art and Memorabilia Auction

  • Dozens of original Cuban paintings, Cuba(n) movie and art posters, memorabilia and more packed into one rare auction of hard to find Cuba items.

Cuban Arts Marketplace

  • Visit the many vendors offering Cuban art, music, books and other Cuba related merchandise for sale under the big tent.

Cuban Dance Party 

  • will be here with their salsa dance instructors and Cuban music DJ. Lots of fun! May be an open bar too with mojitos. Can you Rumba or Salsa? You will after tonight.

Self Promotion is Okay

  • Limited and courteous self promotion is welcome at CubaCon.
  • Bring business cards or promotional materials for distribution from our Community table in the Exhibit area.
  • Item placement in gift bag is welcome. Must have items to Host by June 1.

Rare Cuba Conference in the North East US

  • Some conferences have a session or two about Cuba.
  • Most Cuba conferences are all politics or academic and most are in Miami or Washington DC.
  • Cuba in Provincetown? Absolutely :-)
  • What other Cuba conference has all this to offer?

Location and Convenience - Now you have a good reason to come to Provincetown!


  • All of the venues are just a short walk from each other on Commercial Street.
  • If you are flying into Boston, you can walk to the Provincetown ferries and you DO NOT need a car when you are in Provincetown.
  • See our Directions page for venue and ferry location information.
  • If you want to stay in Provincetown for a few more days, the world famous Provincetown International Film Festival starts Wednesday June 16, 2010 and runs until Sunday June 20.
  • Following our Cuban art and memorabilia auction, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum is having their annual art auction.
  • Cuba and Provincetown share a kindred spirit. Cuba was the first landing for Christopher Columbus in the Fall of 1492 while Provincetown was the first landing for the Pilgrims in the Fall of 1620. Both places have great people, culture, beaches and incredible sunsets.
  • Come for the Cuba conference and stay for the Provincetown International Film Festival.

The Agenda, Presenters, Auction, dance party and Cuba movie day will make every attendee very happy that they invested their time and money in this rare and unique Cuba conference.


Register today to secure your spot. A Full Conference Pass is $150, Saturday only pass is $50. 

Who should attend CubaCon?

  • Cuba experts
  • Anyone with even a remote interest in Cuba
  • Cuban artists
  • Cuban art collectors
  • People who love photography, architecture, history and culture
  • Humanitarian organizations
  • For profit companies seeking Cuba related business or clients
  • Companies with Cuba related merchandise for sale

Thursday night - opening night reception

The Galeria Cubana is a Cuban art gallery featuring original works of Cuban art. Reception sponsored by Provincetown Magazine.

Friday's agenda

This day is geared more towards an advanced audience that is very serious to learn more about Cuba. Agenda is packed with Cuba experts, movies and some serious networking.

Saturday's agenda

This day is geared more towards an audience of Cuban art and culture lovers looking to begin or expand their collection of Cuban art. The Cuban Arts Marketplace is open. Cuban art auction and dance party.

Sunday's agenda

This day is for anyone from Cuba experts to those who are casually interested in Cuba. It's Cuba movie day and all movies are open to the public for a modest ticket price. Vendors will offer their Cuban art, books, music, dvds etc at Cuban Arts Marketplace in the big tent at MacMillan Pier for the second day.

How can I justify the cost of attending?


A conference that spans four days has many costs from venues, to meals, marketing, logistics and plenty of other miscellaneous costs as you would imagine. We are bringing in world class presenters, have booked the largest conference facility in Provincetown for two full days and one night, are providing two lunches for full conference pass holders, a cocktail party, a dance party, an auction, a Cuba movie day, multiple exhibitor tables and a vendor marketplace for Cuban art and merchandise.


We set the Registration fee according to our costs in relation to value for the attendee. We hope you agree that all attendees will get a fantastic return on their investment by attending this conference. 


Lodging is relatively inexpensive at this time in June and if you are flying into Boston, you do not need to rent a car to get to Provincetown. You can take the fast ferry which is just a 90 minute boat ride and you do not need a car in Provincetown.


Register today to secure your spot. A Full Conference Pass is $150, Saturday only pass is $50. 


Enjoy the Cuba Exhibits and Information Tables


Open all day Friday and Saturday inside the main venue


Items you can expect to see on display and for sale in the Exhibits area

  • Original art from Cuba 
  • Vintage Cuban art 
  • Cuban art and movie posters 
  • Cuba related products and merchandise 
  • Cuban and Cuba related books and music 
  • Authors signing books 
  • Humanitarian services in Cuba information 
  • Legal travel to Cuba information

Community table in the Exhibit area for attendee materials

  • One table is exclusively for attendees with a Full Conference Pass who want to offer business cards, promotional materials, brochures, samples, etc to all attendees. No sponsorship fee required. 
  • Bring about 300 pieces for ample distribution 
  • Please do not manually distribute your materials during the Conference. 
  • If you have merchandise that you would like to consign at the Auction or sell in the Marketplace, please see the Auction page or the Vendors page.

Register today to secure your spot. Limited space available.


Privacy and Attendee List


We will not share any attendee information outside of CubaCon. For networking reasons, we do intend to publish an attendee list to be printed and handed out during the conference. During Friday morning registration, attendees will be offered the opportunity to add interests, email, phone, mailing address next to their name on the attendee list.


You can enter as little or as much information as you wish OR you can opt out from having your name even listed in the attendee list if you choose.


We will ask that attendees do not solicit other attendees and to respect everyone's privacy.


 Visit the registration page or Register for Cuban Art and Culture Conference<br/> June 10 to 13 in Provincetown Massachusetts in Provincetown, MA on Eventbrite at EventBrite