Cuban Art and Culture Conference

in Provincetown Massachusetts


2010 Cuban art and culture conference wrap up

Thank you to the Presenters, Sponsors, Vendors, Venues and of course the attendees.

 JANUARY 2014 UPDATE: Havana Journal Inc has been approved for a Kickstarter project to "pre-fund" our Cuban Art and Legal Travel to Cuba conference to be held in Boston in May 2014. We welcome your support.

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The following text is from our 2010 conference in Provincetown Massachusetts. We are working on an equally interesting and exciting agenda for our Cuba Con 2 conference scheduled for May 2014. 

You are invited to this rare and unique Cuba Conference featuring presentations and exhibits about Cuban art, culture, history, humanitarian issues and legal travel to Cuba.

Listen to world class experts on Cuba, network with experienced travelers to Cuba and Cuban art collectors, bid in a Cuban art and memorabilia auction, buy Cuban art, music, books and more from vendors, enjoy Cuban music and movies and live it up at our Cuban dance party!

Lodging is relatively inexpensive for this time in June ($100 to $150 a night) and if you are flying into Boston, you can take a 90 minute fast ferry ride to Provincetown or a very short flight to Provincetown airport. When you are in Provincetown, you do not need a car. All venues and lodging are centrally located.

A full conference pass for the four days is $150 and a Saturday only pass is $50. So, for a small amount of money you'll enjoy a unique Cuban art and culture conference that spans four days AND you get to enjoy it in Provincetown.

Thursday June 10

Opening night reception at the Cuban art gallery, Galeria Cubana.

Friday June 11

Full day of Cuban culture related information sessions.

Saturday June 12

Full day of Cuban art related information sessions, Cuban lunch, and a Cuban art and memorabilia auction.

NOTE: It is legal to import Cuban art into the United States and it is legal to sell Cuban art in the United States. Please read the legal opinion provided to our conference organizer by attorney Robert Muse HERE.

Don't miss the Cuban Dance Party on Saturday night

cuban dance party

graphics by Joe Bruno (917) 880-7636

Sunday June 13 - Cuba Movie Day

graphics by Joe Bruno (917) 880-7636

Plan to attend this rare and unique Cuba conference in Provincetown. See the full agenda here. 

We expect to sell out the capacity of our venue so register early in order to enjoy this extremely rare and unique Cuba conference in such a great location like Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Whether you are a Cuba expert, aficionado or just simply interested to learn more about Cuba and meet people who really know their niche, be sure to make plans to attend our Cuba conference.

Please contact us if you have an interest in any of the following:

  • Speak on a panel or present for a session 
  • Sponsor an event or session 
  • Advertise on this website or in the Conference program 
  • Offer to sell merchandise or to give away promotional materials at a table in our Exhibit area 
  • Consign an item to the auction 


Interested to sponsor the Cuban art and culture conference?


More about Provincetown

Provincetown is a world famous, international travel destination that has a rich history dating back to October 1620 when the Pilgrims landed here BEFORE they went to Plymouth Rock. Provincetown enjoys a very vibrant arts culture with a long history of theater, art and literature. Provincetown is also known for its colorful gay population, whale watching, oceanfront dunes, vibrant nightlife, great food and numerous bed and breakfasts.

Come for the Cuba conference but stay for the Provincetown International Film Festival that begins on Wednesday June 16. Also, after the Saturday sessions and before the Cuban Dance Party, you can walk down the street to view the Provincetown art auction preview at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Their annual Spring auction is scheduled for 7pm and all are invited to attend, open to the public.

 Visit the registration page or Register for Cuban Art and Culture Conference<br/> June 10 to 13 in Provincetown Massachusetts in Provincetown, MA on Eventbrite at EventBrite